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Kulanu (again) Be'Shira​

in memory of Rabbie Beller זצ"ל

Over the past year we did not have the privilege of of uniting and singing together. So many families did not get to celebrate Shabbat and Chagim with each other. The Shuls were closed for long months at a time.  Rabbi Beller is always in our hearts and thoughts and we are certain he would have known how to strengthen our hearts and maintain a sense of togetherness of community. This March we may not be singing together in the same room but through the wonders of tech we can once again sing united and create something amazing. 

We all occasionally need chizuk, encouragement and a kind word. Rabbi Beller was optimistic in all sense of the word and would always give the feeling that all would be ok. We wanted the song to bring a smile to your faces and a warm feeling to your hearts. That is why the chosen song is: Besorot Tovot - חנן בן ארי 

Be'ezrat Hashem and Be'ezrat you guys we will all soon hear Besorot Tovot and will return to a healthy & happy life routine. We know the song might be a little challenging for some but we believe in you. Try your best and leave the rest to us. We will make sure you all sound awesome.  

What now??

The whole process will take around 30 mins. . There are 4 simple steps to follow:

1. Choose your part.

2. Watch the instructional video.

3. Film yourselves singing with a laptop and smartphone. 

4. Send the final video to us. 

*Please Note* You have till Wednesday March 10 at 17:00 to learn the part, film and send to us.  When the clip is ready we will make sure to send it to you all. 


YALLA!! Let's get started: 

But between us? If you're not sure what part to choose you can sing any part you'd like. Sing only one part.  


Good Luck & Besorot Tovot!!

The Kulanu Be'Shira Team

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