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After singing at over 150 Shabbatot around Israel and the world we know exactly what your Shabbat needs. Kippalive will add music, dance, smiles and boundless energy to your Shabbat. We provide a variety of services for you to choose from. And, of course, we are open to any suggestion and special requests.  Give us a call and have us give your group the ultimate "Israeli Shabbat" experience they will never forget.


We are happy to accompany you during:

  • Pre Shabbat Reception

  • Kabbalat Shabbat

  • Dinner, Lunch & Seudah Shlishit

  • Oneg Shabbat - Sing along

  • Shacharit & Mussaf

  • Afternoon workshops

  • Havdallah

  • Motsei Shabbat dance medley

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