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"Kippalive - Israeli A Cappella” is proud to introduce: "Kippalive - Chupah Ensemble", which offers an original and memorable musical experience for your wedding. Each one of our soloists brings a unique style and flavor to our music, but the real magic happens when the four voices combine to create a truly warm and moving moment for you and your guests. We would be honored to help create a feeling of love and harmony as you begin your lives together.


Our Chupah Ensemble offers something for everyone:

  • A wide variety of musical capabilities.

  • We are open to song requests and creative ideas .

  • An eclectic group of soloists and background vocals.

  • We offer different options to work around your budget..


We are happy to take any creative suggestions you may have and incorporate them into our music. We are fun, flexible, and easy to work with, and we look forward to creating the night of your dreams. Mazel Tov!

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