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For 10 years: Shabbat after Shabbat we celebrated with you. At small moving events and huge fantastic extravaganzas. We led Tfilot, Zmirot and dancing.

And then covid hit. We miss each other and we miss you! And now, what's next?

Here is where you come in!


Some things we can't control, but other things we can! Together we we can make an old dream become a reality. We would love to record our best Shabbat repertoire and create a NEW ALBUM. An album of harmony and joy. An album of Kodesh and prayer.

Every friday (and other days too..) you will be able to prepare for Shabbat with Kipapalive to accompany you. The Album will include it all: Kabbalat Shabbat, Zmirot, Mussaf, Oneg.. An entire Shabbat With Kippalive!

The funds will all go the music production costs:

  • Vocal Arrangements.

  • Studio recording sessions.

  • Sound edit and mixes.

So here we go. Check out the options and see what works for you. Buy an album for yourself or a friend, book a concert or dedicate a song in memory of a loved one. Leave the rest to us. Shabbat Shalom from Kippalive.

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