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Tfillah Dedication Page

Introducing: "Tfillah With Kippalive". 

A series of music videos featuring a meaningful introduction by a  Rabbi/Rabbanit/Jewish leader. The introduction will delve into the meaning behind a selected song/passage from Tfillah, followed by a Kippalive rendition of the same song. The goal is to re-energize, and bring ruach and excitement to our personal and public Tfillot.


We are currently looking for sponsors who would like to dedicate a song. 

  • In memory of a loved one. 

  • In honor of a life event.

  • Any other reason.

What will your dedication include?

  • End of video slide with the dedication to be part of the video forever and viewed by thousands.

  • Kippalive's Social media post will include the dedication as well.

  • A more detailed version of your dedication in up to 150 words in the YouTube video description.


The videos will be online forever for people to learn, sing along and keep going back to. 

Cost of sponsorship is: 1500 NIS - $480

To discuss song choices and Divrei Torah options, please contact

שיתקבלו תפילותינו ברצון. 

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